The C-Town Dress is a look at modules and my obsession with plastic bags. On the modules side, I was thinking about modules as pockets or containers and I wanted to see how I could reinvent or take a second look at some preexisting form. As for plastic bags, I feel as though I am plagued by them. I hate waste and these are materials that accumulate rapidly and involuntarily. I spent a lot of time trying to avoid them and realized it was close to impossible, so have recently been trying to come up with creative ways to repurpose them.

ctowndress11.jpg ctowndress2.jpg

The dress is composed of 46 plastic C-Town shopping bags (C-Town is my local supermarket). The handles are snipped off and the sides are tucked in and then sewn to provide reinforcement. The top of the pouch is then rolled over to provide support for the soon to be pocket. The pouches are assembled in columns and then in rows, forming the front and back panels. The two panels are then sewn together, leaving the appropriate openings for arm and neck holes. All bags are left open as pockets, including those that comprise the sleeves.
ctowndress3.jpg ctowndress4.jpg

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