An Evening with the Residents: The Aftermath

Thanks to everyone who came out for the show! Here’s hoping there will be another one next year…

[see the rest of the photos here]

An Evening with the Residents

Please join us for a tasty feast of succulent experiments, delicious research, and exquisite projects served by the 2007-2008 ITP Resident Researchers, including works by:

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo Jenny Chowdhury Rob Faludi Kate Hartman Jeffrey LeBlanc John Schimmel Demetrie Tyler

ITP | Tisch | NYU: 721 Broadway, 4th Floor

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5-in-5: Soft Circuit Sampler

I had the pleasure of joining the ITP student-run 5-in-5 for as a guest for a day. Day 3’s fun and innovative projects included an adult Lite Brite, a dynamic map of the everchanging ITP floorplan, and a fabulous Processing-based rendition of the Brady bunch intro that included a blonde wig made of gaffer’s tape.

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Day 7: Window Ghosts

For my 7th and final project, I collaborated with Gabe Barcia-Colombo on a video installation called Window Ghosts. I initially got the idea for it one night when I was leaving work, walking down Waverly, and looked up at the Tisch bulding to see to two people standing in a window. There was . . . → Read More: Day 7: Window Ghosts

Day 6: The Elbow Detector

For airplanes, elevators, and other tight spaces, the Elbow Detector is a wearable device that notifies you of the presence of another elbow so you can avoid that embarrassing moment of bumping elbows with a stranger.

I have two variations in mind: the silent notifier (that signals the wearer with a small vibrating . . . → Read More: Day 6: The Elbow Detector

Day 5 (sort of): The Discommunicator

Ok, so this is sort of a cheat, but I today I finally documented a prototype I made a while back. It’s called the Discommunicator. It’s a tool for communication that blocks conversation. It buffers words and enforces eye contact.

Intended for heated discourse, the Discommunicator allows each person to say all the . . . → Read More: Day 5 (sort of): The Discommunicator

DAY 4.5: The Seasonal Salad Dress

I’ve been thinking about making this dress for 5 years. Maybe 6.

I got the idea when I was a professional sandwich- and salad-maker at the Garden Street Cafe in Rhinebeck, New York. Our mesclun came from Little Seeds (the local farm) in huge, clear bags. When a bag was almost done, I’d hold . . . → Read More: DAY 4.5: The Seasonal Salad Dress

Day 3: The Boundary Belt

The Boundary Belt is provides the wearer with the ability to produce a spontaneous boundary marker in the event of an ambiguous or misconstrued situation. With a press of the emergency release button (located on the belt), the boundary is immediately launched, clearly indicating to the approaching party where they are or are not . . . → Read More: Day 3: The Boundary Belt

Day 2: Wound Shirt

Day 1: Prototypes for Relational Devices

A slow start, but here are some prototypes that emerged from Day 1…

Kiss Shield: a clear signifier for awkward embraces

Connected Soles:

Face-to-Face Mask: