Screen Reader

I’m interested in exploring ways in which we can physically move through text. This is something that is inherently a part of reading a book or newspaper – there is a tactile sense of how much you have consumed and how much you have left to go. But this is something that we get further . . . → Read More: Screen Reader

Slam! Wham! (pause)

A script for performance is usually a static entity – something that is written, printed, memorized and performed. But what if it were somewhat more dynamic? What if it were pieced together live from disparate sources? For my midterm, I explored the idea of generating a script through the process of crawling the web. In . . . → Read More: Slam! Wham! (pause)

A2Z Midterm Pseudocode

I’ve decided to go with my idea for constructing a dialogue for two people out of language or lines from their favorite “texts”. I’d like to eventually look at all sorts of texts including books, television show scripts, etc. But for the sake of ease and clarity, I’ll be starting with movie scripts. This is . . . → Read More: A2Z Midterm Pseudocode

Week 2: Regex & Tribbles

For my first adventure into the world of regular expressions, I made a few interpretations of the “Trouble with Tribbles” script from the original Star Trek television show. The source code can be found here. I looked for tribbles, stage directions, questions, and exclamations. This is one of my favorite results:

UHURA: (coldly)

JONES: (entering)

. . . → Read More: Week 2: Regex & Tribbles