Worn as a backpack, the wearable wall is a portable structure that has the conceptual flexibility to be used in a variety of situations. In thinking about self-conscious or self-managed space, there are many times in our daily lives when it is advantageous to make ourselves smaller or bigger than our actually physical form. On . . . → Read More: WEARABLE WALL


The Hand-Cranked Video Mirror is a device with which you have to operate a crank in order to generate the power necessary to see yourself. It is composed of a small LCD screen, a surveillance camera, and a power generating crank hacked out of a flashlight. Ideally I wanted to have the entire setup . . . → Read More: HAND-CRANKED VIDEO MIRROR


For our network assignment, Vincent Dean Boyce, Britta Reilly, and I decided to make a unidirectional network following the tin-can telephone model. Telephones were constructed with plastic cups and string. Each member of the class was given a transmitting end and receiving end of a different telephone. Three different networks emerged and messages were . . . → Read More: “TIN-CAN” TELEPHONE NETWORK


A small strip of copper foil allows any small card, photo, or paper item to take on the role of connector. When placed in the frame, the card closes the circuit and causes the box beneath it to light up. The idea is that any small scrap of paper may be a link . . . → Read More: LIGHT BOX


The bulletin board and thumb tacks are a standard system of connectors to be found in any office. The addition of batteries, wire mesh, and LEDs transform this system from physical to electrical.

The the left and right side of the bulletin board are covered with wire mesh which is connected to the . . . → Read More: PUSH PIN ELECTRONICS


The C-Town Dress is a look at modules and my obsession with plastic bags. On the modules side, I was thinking about modules as pockets or containers and I wanted to see how I could reinvent or take a second look at some preexisting form. As for plastic bags, I feel as though I am . . . → Read More: C-TOWN DRESS


The Muttering Hat is a physical embodiment of the negative thoughts that often crowd one’s head space. Displayed it the form of a hat, a pair of angry, muttering balls (representation of the negative thoughts) are tethered to one’s head. These balls can be placed in a variety of location to indicate the intensity of . . . → Read More: THE MUTTERING HAT