Solar Panel as Power Source & Light Sensor

For the solar assignment, I worked with Rob Faludi to augment a project that we already have been working on for quite a while. Our decided task was to use solar cells both as a light sensor and as a power source.

The project is called Botanicalls and it is a system where plants . . . → Read More: Solar Panel as Power Source & Light Sensor

Heelys Hack & Magnet Plungers

For Sustainable Energy, our first project assignment was to “prototype a portable, personal electronic device wherein the electricity is converted from kinetic energy supplied by the user”. Christian Croft and I chose to focus on energy generated by the feet. For this, we took two approaches – one harnessing the energy of footfall and the . . . → Read More: Heelys Hack & Magnet Plungers

Week 2: Kinetic to Electrical

I worked with Christian to test the open circuit voltage and short-circuit current for our generator – in this case a stepper motor. This is the circuit that is based off of the diagram that Jeff recommended on the class site.

Leif and I also tested one of the shake flashlights . Using these . . . → Read More: Week 2: Kinetic to Electrical