(re)connect gets around

(re)connect, my final for Wearables, has made a few recent appearances.

Physically, it took a trip to Italy for Cute Circuit‘s Future Fashion Show in Pisa. The event consisted of a conference, runway show, and exhibit. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it, but my friend Megan MacMurray went and took some great video of . . . → Read More: (re)connect gets around


[QUICKTIME http://www.katehartman.com/projects/reconnect/reconnect.mp4 320 257] Demonstrated by Joo Youn Paek and Michael Horan. Video by Gabe Barcia-Colombo.


I am creating a garment that allows the wearer to receive feedback from their own touch. Physical connections close electric circuits, causing mild vibrations in different regions of the upper body. Engaging in simple, instinctive poses provides the opportunity to close off the outside world and turn inward. It is about centering, grounding, or focusing . . . → Read More: FINAL PROJECT UPDATE


A hacked calculator turned armband. Geek chic. Guts out. Bad-ass calculating on the fly.

Calculator is positioned upside-down. For the user/wearer, it is functional. For the non-wearer, it becomes an intimate, low-resolution communication device. Upside-down numbers are interpreted as letters – a message delivery system that was popular when I was in grade-school.

. . . → Read More: CALCBAND


Continuing with the vibrating shirt, I ripped out the strips of conductive fabric, which has proved to be stiff, brittle, and unreliable, and did the “wiring” exclusively with conductive thread. [The contact patches on the arms and hands were left as conductive fabric.]

I tried to incorporate the stitching into the preexisting seams . . . → Read More: SOFT CIRCUIT


Garments that demand physical intimacy/touch.

*Note: Still trying to figure out the language of how to explain this. For now I’ve settled on you and yourself, but it could also be me and myself, one and oneself, them and themself. I think this is an important choice in terms of thinking about the project. This . . . → Read More: FINAL PROJECT: INITIAL THOUGHTS


When you hold yourself (hands resting on upper arms), your spine tingles. I like the idea that all the elements you need to evoke a response are located within your own physical form. It’s a way of turning inward – by connecting with yourself in a very natural gesture, you set something into motion.

. . . → Read More: VIBRATING SHIRT


CONCEALS: NIGHTMARE MASK wire mesh, thread

REVEALS : TRUTH MASK tissue paper, acrylic medium, ink

. . . → Read More: MASK ASSIGNMENT