Hello CBC

I had two recent, lovely encounters with the CBC:

–An interview with former ITP Camper Dan Misener –an interview with Nora Young at Spark

Some words from CBC: SPARK | Mar 1, 2013 | 13:12 Wearable Computing Google Glass is just the latest example of “wearable computing”, a concept that’s been around for quite a . . . → Read More: Hello CBC

NY Times Article on Adafruit’s Flora

I was quoted in this NYTimes about Adafruit’s upcoming product – the Flora.


“Your Begonia Is Texting You”

Botanicalls makes another appearance in the New York Times!

MoMA Acquires Botanicalls for Permanent Collection

I love working with emerging technologies.But one of the problems you face in working with a medium that is constantly changing is that sooner than later your work ceases to be. It becomes outdated, falls apart, or the things necessary to maintain it become unavailable. While ideally I’d like to be a proper . . . → Read More: MoMA Acquires Botanicalls for Permanent Collection

ITP on NYC 2.0

Last summer (while I was wearing my ITP Camp Director hat) John Dimatos & I were interview by Rick Karr about our beloved ITP/NYU for the new video series “NYC 2.0”.

Episode 3: “The Smartest Place on Earth”

ITP Classic starts at 15:15, ITP Camp at 20:30.

. . . → Read More: ITP on NYC 2.0

art:21 interview

While running ITP Camp this summer I had the opportunity to have a fabulous conversation with Antonius Wiriadjaja – current ITP student and guest blogger for art:21. The result was “Kate Hartman Talks to Herself … and the Art21 Blog“, by far the most pleasant and comprehensive interview I’ve done to date. If you’d . . . → Read More: art:21 interview

Wearable Technology Minor featured in Toronto Star

A little over two years ago I responded to a job posting for “Assistant or Associate Professor in Wearable/Mobile Technology and Interfaces”. While OCAD had a strong history of teaching fibre, jewelry making, industrial design, and mobile development, wearable technology was an area just starting to be explored. Two years later I’m happy to report . . . → Read More: Wearable Technology Minor featured in Toronto Star

“We Make Things”

A new mini documentary by Ryan Varga, featuring Matt Ratto, Mark Argo, Leigh Honeywell, Ryan Taylor, and I.

DFI Faculty Featured in Sketch Magazine

The latest issue of OCAD’s Sketch magazine is hot off the press and my colleagues and I are featured in an article appropriately titled “Play as Work”. Suzanne Stein, Barbara Rauch, Emma Westecott, and I were all hired within the last year as part of the Digital Futures Initiative and have since been . . . → Read More: DFI Faculty Featured in Sketch Magazine

Boulder Pavement Launch

I was fortunate enough to have work featured in the launch issue of Boulder Pavement – a new digital publication put together by the illustrious Banff Centre. Issue 01 includes photos, text, and an interview from my “Initial Investigatory Research for Glacier-Human Communications”. Though this bit of research & making is dated back . . . → Read More: Boulder Pavement Launch