Pinky Linkers

Pinky Linkers are physical devices that allow two people who might not know each other very well to experience a physical bond. They are customized to reflect both the size of each individual’s pinky as well as how close each person feels to the other. Check out the Instructable here:

This version of the . . . → Read More: Pinky Linkers

Bicycle-Mounted Banana Suspender

I’m getting settled in at the amazing residency at Autodesk’s Pier 9. This past week we were assigned a mini-group project to help us get warmed up and to get to know each other. I worked with Johan Da Silveira, Jonah Ross-Mars, and Purin Phanichphant to create a Bicycle-Mounted Banana Suspender.

You can check . . . → Read More: Bicycle-Mounted Banana Suspender


Last weekend I returned to Brooklyn Shoespace for a 5-hour class on making leather slippers. The bootmaking I did last month was amazing but extremely time-consuming. Now that I’m moving on to thinking about iterative design and how to quickly build some electronics into footwear I thought it might be good to learn how to . . . → Read More: Slippers

In Print

Physical media lives on!

I just received “Electtronica Wearable: Disegna, prototipa e indossa i tuoi vestiti e accessori interattivi” from It is the Italian translation of my book “Make: Wearable Electronics”. Besides being in Italian, this version also includes a new preface from the lovely Zoe Romano who I got to meet this summer . . . → Read More: In Print

Leather Working and Natural Dyeing

I’ve been on a bit of a workshop binge this Fall. Back in October I took “Leather Working 101” at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn. It was a great opportunity flush out my basic knowledge of leather tools and techniques. I’ve picked up bits and pieces from the leatherwork we’ve been doing at Social . . . → Read More: Leather Working and Natural Dyeing

Bootmaking Intensive – Day 5

Today the boots became boots! The morning started with buffing the parts we dyed last night to make them nice and shiny. Then it was a lot of sanding, gluing, and assembly. It’s amazing how much work it takes to get the shape of the heel to perfectly match the shape of the sole. . . . → Read More: Bootmaking Intensive – Day 5

Bootmaking Intensive – Day 4

Today was all about soles and heels. First patterns were made for both and then it was all about cutting, glueing and sanding. I decided on a leather sole with some inlayed rubber and leather stacked with a rubber cap. The combo embraces the loveliness of leather while being tough enough to withstand Toronto winters!

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Bootmaking Intensive – Day 3

Day 3 = awesome! Today was about assembling, sewing, and lasting. The most nerve wracking moment was sewing the stitch around the ankle. I chose a contrasting color (neon pink!) so there wasn’t a lot of room for error. But both came out straight! The most bewildering moment was lasting the upper. When yanking on . . . → Read More: Bootmaking Intensive – Day 3

Bootmaking Intensive – Day 2

Day two! Today started with meeting Becca at Global Leather where I purchase a hide for my uppers. It is a black sheep veg tan which I’m quite excited about. The pattern pieces were cut and then the vamps were soaked, stretched, and left to dry overnight. Also the edges of the backs were skived . . . → Read More: Bootmaking Intensive – Day 2

Bootmaking Intensive – Day 1

I’m taking a 5-day Bootmaking Intensive course at Brooklyn Shoespace with Rebecca Heykes. After a lot of thought about integrating some electronics I’ve realized that for my first go I just need to learn how to make shoes! I’ve decided to make a basic Chelsea boot – something that I will definitely wear. Today was . . . → Read More: Bootmaking Intensive – Day 1