DAY 4.5: The Seasonal Salad Dress

I’ve been thinking about making this dress for 5 years. Maybe 6.

I got the idea when I was a professional sandwich- and salad-maker at the Garden Street Cafe in Rhinebeck, New York. Our mesclun came from Little Seeds (the local farm) in huge, clear bags. When a bag was almost done, I’d hold the it up, admiring the way the delicate, green leaves arranged themselves at the bottom. “Wouldn’t it be nice…” I thought to myself, “…if I could put ALL the parts of a salad in a bag like this, and make it into a beautiful dress. A salad dress!” I’ve been thinking about the idea ever since.

I headed to the Union Square Greenmarket to get my veggies. I originally had a fancy and complicated salad in mind, but since it’s only mid-June, many of your favorite salad vegetables are not yet available locally. Instead of hitting up Whole Foods for additional ingredients, I decided to make this the Seasonal Salad Dress and just use that which could be acquired from nearby farms.

Wash, chop, bag, seal, and voila! The Salad Dress is real!

Materials: Clear trash bags, red & green leaf lettuce, carrots, radishes, red onions
Tools: The Electro-Sealer

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