Day 7: Window Ghosts

For my 7th and final project, I collaborated with Gabe Barcia-Colombo on a video installation called Window Ghosts. I initially got the idea for it one night when I was leaving work, walking down Waverly, and looked up at the Tisch bulding to see to two people standing in a window. There was something eerie about the way they looked because they were high within the frame of the window and there was a curtain drawn close behind them. The overall effect was that it seemed as though they were floating.

This, in combination with the realization that we have some prime, publicly-viewable, rear-projection real estate in the windows of the Resident’s office and the ITP conference room, made me want to create my own “window ghosts” – video projections of people that would stand at the window, passing the night by gazing at the street below.

Gabe is my favorite projection expert and he knows all about projecting people in weird places, so it was a match made in heaven. On Saturday night we installed a single projection (thank you, John Schimmel, for your sleepless night at the window!), but we hope to further develop the installation so that it includes multiple projections and perhaps some other iterations. Don’t be surprised if you pass by some night and see my toes wiggling in the window, 5 feet tall!

You can expect the final installation to be featured in the upcoming ITP Residents Show.

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