Final Project

New developments: I will be doing this project as my ICM final in addition to PComp. My ultimate goal is to network the project so that the two users can operate their puppets from different locations.

Possible glove tip / conductive material: copper mesh, conductive rubber, conductive thread (embroidery?), spiral of copper wire
Should there be tactile feedback? Should you be able to feel that there is a connection being made? (I’ve decided against FSRs for the fingertips.)

One possible solution to the size issue would be to use a stretchy glove. I’m actually considering making the gloves myself rather than using store-bought ones. This way I can have more control over material, style, etc.

I borrowed two transmitter/receiver sets and was able to get one of them working, which was very exciting! I worked with Steven Jackson who is also using RF for his final. We started out by simply establishing serial communication between two PIC chips. Then we pulled the connection and wired in the transmitter and receiver to each board. And voila! Wireless communication. I threw the switch on a board in the firmware lab and the LED on a board in the lounge lit up. As always, PComp continues to show me that the simplest things are the most exciting. So I went ahead and ordered 4 transmitters and 1 receiver from Sparkfun to outfit my four gloves. But other thoughts for the future – I’d like to eventually work with tranceivers so I can have communication in both directions. If I do indeed network the project, it would be great if the glove of one user responded in some way when there was another user wearing the other gloves. Perhaps your glove would warm up? Or vibrate slightly in the palm? Just some sort of tactile indication that there was someone at the other end. An indication other than just seeing the other puppet move. But one thing at a time.

What is the tone? Is it edgy or playful? Challenging or inviting?
Who is the audience?
What are the implications of using handmade materials?
Why the intersection between electronics and crafts?
Who should the characters be? Identifiable or not?
What kinds of backgrounds, events?
Should there be some tasks that can only be achieved by the two puppets working together?

projected personal space
physical vs. virtual
fun or thoughtful?

hand gestures
glove patterns

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