Final Project

This project has officially been named:

RF progress:

Transmitters send information only when it changes. The information is sent several times. The result: a clear transmission is made MOST of the time. ONCE in a while the values get stuck and you have to fiddle with the switches to unstick them. This is very frustrating because it is almost there, but not quite 100% reliable. I went and talked to Carlyn about it and she advised me to try a whole different approach. But I did not get this one to work. My code examples are below. Note that the second set does not work at all.

CODE: transmitter A / transmitter B / receiver || using Carlyn’s method: transmitter / receiver


I presented my progress in ICM this week. It was the new version with two characters. The wired version of this project seems pretty stable, which is encouraging. I also got some ideas for connecting from Processing to iTunes using AppleScript so that the users can select music.

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