Final Project: Continuing with RF

Step 1: Sending one piece of information from transmitter to reciever.
Step 2: Sending multiple pieces of information from transmitter to receiver.
Step 3: Sending multiple pieces of information from multiple transmitters to one receiver.

I am currently in the midst of Step 2. I have been able to send 5 pieces of data and can tell when I listen through serial on the receiver end that it is coming in intact. Just getting this to work took me a while. I wasn’t sure of the syntax for how this should go. But now the information is arriving the way I want it to- a series of 0s and 1s (simple switch values). However, when I try to put the data to use, my “if” statements don’t work (ie. LEDs don’t light up – see code). Very strange. I was able to put the data to use before, when I was sending one piece of information, so I’m not sure what the problem is.

New problem: All of the work that I have done so far was with a transmitter/receiver set that I borrowed from Michael. My own set just arrived in the mail and I was under the impression that it was the exact same thing. However, when I replaced the T/R with the new ones, all I was able to read through serial was complete garble, which seemed completely unaffected by switch operation. I’m confused, especially since I was swapping out for the same thing. Could it be something related to the data rate? The data sheet (which is the same for both sets) says that the data rate limit is 4800. I’ve been operating at 2400 which has been working fine. I’m just not sure why one set works and not the other.


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