Guest Stars for Thinking Physically

Thinking Physically Guest Stars each come bearing a unique perspective on the topics we’ll be covering in class. Their visits will range from short talks to demonstrations to in-class workshops.

From out in the world, we’ll be joined by Anne Gridley from the Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Jamie O’Shea of the Office for the Development of Substitute Materials, James Bigbee Garver of the Tiny Dance Film Series, and wearables artist and fashion designer Di Mainstone.

Closer to home, we’ll also be hearing from a handful of ITP alums and current faculty. Robert Faludi will shed some light on affordances. John Schimmel will talk about designing for bodies with different capabilities. Fiona Carswell will lead us in a discussion concerning body, memory, and evidence. And finally, Andrew Schneider will talk about bringing body-based devices into the performative realm.

Updates on the Guest Star schedule can be found here. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting semester!

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