The Hand-Cranked Video Mirror is a device with which you have to operate a crank in order to generate the power necessary to see yourself. It is composed of a small LCD screen, a surveillance camera, and a power generating crank hacked out of a flashlight. Ideally I wanted to have the entire setup powered by the crank, but for now I am just able to power the video camera. The monitor is powered via wall power or battery, but it remains blank and the camera stays off until you operate the crank to generate the power for the camera. I removed the battery charging circuit from the crank so the voltage goes directly to the camera. As a result, your image disappears as soon as you stop cranking. Steady, rhythmic cranking provides the best image – frantic, fast cranking tends to get you nowhere. I like the idea that it takes energy, focus, and consistency to see your own image.

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