Electronic glass. Looking through a glass, window, viewer. Basically, you are altering the way something is being seen. Right now I see there being two approaches to start out with: doing a treatment of the overall image or working within the image and dealing with content. I keep returning to the idea of selective seeing/censorship, where someone is controlling what you can and cannot see. My idea would be an extension of Dan’s FindSkin code. Rather than coloring skin, I would like to see it removed altogether. How would this look when applied to an entire body? Instead of seeing a body itself, you would just see a cut-out moving through space, kind of like a paper doll. It reminds me of the film “Removed” by Naomi Uman. She takes a short piece of found footage pornography and physically scratches out the bodies on each frame of the film. So you watch the film just seeing these very scribbly figures moving moving around an untouched background. But what I’d like to do would be different in method and in situation. The method would obviously be removing skin through the use of the computer. But in terms of situation, rather than looking at something sensational like a sex act, I’d like to look at something really mundane like someone taking a bath. Because it brings up some interesting questions. Like, it’s not really creepy to watch someone brush their teeth, but is it creepy to watch someone bathe, even if you can’t actually see their body? Is it the exposure of the body or the act that is intimate? Another fun iteration would be to watch someone dress after removing the body & the background so that you see clothing materialize on an invisible body in an undefined space.

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