This is an idea using a setup similar to Vincent’s TouchScreen as a way to control video playback. Touching the screen with fingertips allows you to play small movies at the location where you touch. The movies are small in size, not much larger than the fingertips. They are short in length & looping. The number of times you tap your finger allow you to select which file will be played. Then holding your finger for several seconds in the same spot where you tapped causes the movie to start playing. It plays as long as you maintain contact. If you drag your finger, it follows. Just imagine tiny little videos on screen, following your fingers around.

In terms of content, I have a body of short videos that I made a few years ago based on my subjective interpretation of fragments of other people’s dreams. They are meant to be presented small, in a many screens within a screen sort of way. I originally presented them floating around in a grid-like formation, but I’d love to experiment with a more organic, live presentation. In this case, selection of videos would be random, not user-controlled, so the combination of videos on screen would be constantly changing.

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