Last weekend I returned to Brooklyn Shoespace for a 5-hour class on making leather slippers. The bootmaking I did last month was amazing but extremely time-consuming. Now that I’m moving on to thinking about iterative design and how to quickly build some electronics into footwear I thought it might be good to learn how to make something a bit simpler. Slippers turned out to be a great fit. Here’s what we made:



The process is fairly straightforward. These are the main steps:

  • Trace and cut leather according to pattern. Also cut rubber soles.
  • Use rubber cement to tack upper to leather sole.
  • Use dividers to measure distance of stitches from slippers edge, as well as stitch length.
  • Punch sew holes with awl.
  • Sew using a saddle stitch. Tip: for thread, use 4 times the length of the sewn edge + a little more.
  • Paint bottom of leather soles + smooth side of rubber soles with shoe glue. Let dry.
  • Very carefully attach rubber bottoms to the leather.
  • Sand edges.
  • Make & add tassles if desired!
  • See completed slippers above. Next step: adding some electronics!

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