Vega Edge now available on Kickstarter!

I’m really excited to make this announcement! We just clicked the “Launch” button on a shiny new Kickstarter campaign for the Vega Edge:

Vega Edge

Angella Mackey and I have been scheming together about wearable electronics since we first started the Toronto Wearables Meetup together in February 2010. Since then Angella launched a fashion line (Vega) and I launched a lab (the Social Body Lab). In 2012 a research grant brought us back together (thanks Ontario!) and in the spring of 2013 we popped out a new prototype: the Vega Edge. Since then we’ve been dreaming, planning, and crunching numbers on how we could share the Edge with the world.

Enter Kickstarter! This campaign gives both you and us a chance to try this product on for size, to see how it behaves in real life, and to see whether and how we can make even more of them.

The Kickstarter page tells everything you need to know about the Edge and how it works. But beyond the details of the product itself, it’s worth knowing what it means to each of us personally. In our own ways we each believe that technology can be beautiful and that it’s important to achieve balance in the way that technology lives in our everyday lives. And the Edge is a little piece of that.

The campaign is now live and we’d love your help spreading the word. We’ve considered the numbers and have set the goal such that we will only produce 500 or more units. We know that’s a lot but we believe in it and want to run a considered, responsible campaign so we’re just going to try our darnedest and hope we hit the mark. Feel free to share the link below, tweet, Facebook, or shout it to the hills. Every little bit helps.

Here’s the link to the campaign:

Thanks in advance for your support!

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