When you hold yourself (hands resting on upper arms), your spine tingles. I like the idea that all the elements you need to evoke a response are located within your own physical form. It’s a way of turning inward – by connecting with yourself in a very natural gesture, you set something into motion.

wearing_shirt1.jpg wearing_shirt2.jpg

wearing_shirt3.jpg wearing_shirt4.jpg

The circuit is created on the surface of the shirt through the use of conductive fabric and thread. The circuit is closed by the connection made between the hands and shoulders, causing motors located along the spine to vibrate. The form of the shirt is intentionally confining – it is meant more for reflection than function. The hands are completely enclosed in thumbless mittens, making it very difficult to engage in any sort of activity while wearing the shirt.




This is a first prototype so it is rather awkward and delicate. In a second interation, I would work towards it being more durable and comfortable, with more reliable circuitry.

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