Final Project



RF: If I want to have four gloves operating at the same time, does that mean that I have to have four sets of transmitters/receivers? Would they all have to operate at different frequencies? Or can multiple transmitters send to one receiver?

I only need a one-way transmission. Four pieces of data will be sent from each glove at one time. The data needs to be transmitted quickly enough so that there is no perceptible lag between the user’s actions and the movement on screen. The transmitter and receiver will most likely be no more than 10 feet apart.

Fingertip material: Looking into conductive rubber. I like the idea of the conductive material being flexible. It seems like this would make the whole glove more comfortable and easy to use. I’m also thinking about making the entire thumb (power) conductive, so there is more surface area to touch the other fingertips to.

Glove material: Rubber would obviously offer consistency if I was to use the conductive rubber for the fingertips. There should be some sort of relationship between the main material and the fingertip material – they should work well together physically and conceptually.

Integration of wires & RF setup into glove design: To be determined once specific RF setup is selected.

Other glove issues:
Size: I’d love to create a setup that could be used by all – from large man hands to tiny kid ones. But this would seem to involve creating gloves of multiple sizes. This could become expensive & time consuming. Do I just have to settle on a one size fits all approach for now? The only thing is that the way the glove fits affects how well it performs. Floppy fingers do not make for easy use.


Digital: selection of character1, character2, foreground, background, events(?)

Analog: character1 position, character2 position, background/foreground position(?)
*Or could glove control position? (If switch 4 = 1 then x= x+1, if switch 3 = 1 then x = x-1)
Looking into linear position sensing potentiometers.

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