Worn as a backpack, the wearable wall is a portable structure that has the conceptual flexibility to be used in a variety of situations. In thinking about self-conscious or self-managed space, there are many times in our daily lives when it is advantageous to make ourselves smaller or bigger than our actually physical form. On a crowded subway car, one might make themself smaller so as to squeeze into a narrow seat. In dressing ourselves, we often don high heels or large, puffy jackets so as to create a larger physical impact. The Wearable Wall asks the question – what if we could be even bigger? Because of our relatively small size, we as people seldom have the physical vocabulary to have a conversation with the architectural forms that surround us. The Wearable Wall enables you to contribute to or critique the space around you. You can extend a preexisting wall or create one wherever you see fit. You are also empowered to alter or direct pedestrian traffic flow. The Wearable Wall also redefines the human-wall relationship. So often we lean against walls as we wait for things to happen. In this scenario, it is the human that provides support for the wall. Without us, this wall cannot stand.
wearablewall1.jpg wearablewall2.jpg wearablewall3.jpg wearablewall4.jpg

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